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Capacity Available! Capacity of 3000 Pcs/Day & 90,000 Pcs/month is available at our Unit 1. Click Here for more information        
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About Us

Having had the manufacturing experience spreading over a decade, the management decided to opt for a complete integrated unit for the manufacturing of Denim Based Garments to cater needs of customers from all demographic groups. Mr. Munir Ahmed Bhatti, leading a highly professional management team, established this company in 1989 with corporate mission to produce denim related made-ups of international standards offering unmatched customer satisfaction.

 The management endeavor to offer entire product range enriched with three main product characteristics like QUALITY, FEATURES & PERFORMANCE to the respective markets and in doing so focus is made to facilitate customer to derive fullest satisfaction from products of Mr.Denim which obviously lead to further strengthening the courteous relationship with our valued clients.    

 With this corporate mission, right from inception the management ensured to lay out an infra structure considered mandatory to conform with international technical specification and characteristics of denim products without compromise. Therefore, the company neither made any compromise in laying of the required infra structure like MAN, MACHINE & MECHANISM   nor in the quality control system, resultantly Mr.Denim stands among top ten denim manufacturing units in Pakistan.

Having vested the due importance to the infra structure, the human resource side, being the backbone of any quality sensitive industry has also been dealt with reciprocity. We proudly claim to have best staff Matrix engaged in various operational knit knots. We follow a complete quality system to induct employees carrying relevant academic qualification coupled with their work experience in their respective fields.

Imparting knowledge and latest management techniques through orientation and training  (in house and from outer source) to company’s employees is a regular feature towards employee development. We believe that “it is the man behind the gun and not the gun” which will meet the required quality and production standard.

The Machines, being an integral part of any production set up fetches the ultimate preference. Thus, imperative preferences are given to acquire state of the art machine(s) to comply with international manufacturing standards on one hand and fullest customer satisfaction on the other. Each production department like R&D, Designing, Cutting, Stitching, Washing and Embroidery etc. is fully equipped with the required machines in terms of their qualitative as well as quantitative commercial compositions. In this regard, main emphasis is given to develop an ability through acquisition of machines to cater customer requirement(s) ranging from traditional to contemporary styles.

Operational and management procedures have been structured and implemented in a manner whereby it fully complies with the highest standards of quality. In recognition to our efforts and then achievements, the company has been awarded the ISO 9001 certification as first step, thus the quality improvement and customer satisfaction as a never-ending arena will remain our “FIRST PRIORITY".

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